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Glaze - Amaco, Duncan, Mayco, Spectrum / Amaco Glaze / Amaco Opalescent Glazes

Amaco Opalescent Glazes

Cone 05

  • Most of the AMACO® Opalescent Glazes have a high gloss with an iridescence similar to mother-of-pearl.
  • Best results are achieved with three or four applications of glaze.
  • On textured ware, the glaze flows thin on relief and thick in incised areas, giving an added dimension on the surface.
  • AMACO® Opalescent Glazes can be used very effectively in Raku firing.

Brilliant effects are achieved by combining Opalescent glazes and Velvet Underglazes.
George Debikey applied this technique in his creation of “Fish Bowl”. Colors used were Velvet Underglaze V-366 Teddy Bear Brown and Opalescent Glaze O-20 Bluebell.


They develop their greatest opalescence and most interesting textures over red firing clays. Fire at Cone 06-05 (1830°-1915°F, 999°-1046° C). Liquid only.

These Amaco Glazes are AP Non-Toxic.
1 These Amaco Glazes are CAUTION LABELS: Code 1. Dinnerware Safe. Contains some lead or cadmium ingredients, but passes test for lead and cadmium release

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Color Description Unit Qty Add
1 O2: Black Tulip   Add
O10: Transparent Pearl   Add
O11: White Clover   Add
O12: Tawny   Add
1 O20: Bluebell   Add
1 O21: Aquamarine   Add
1 O23: Sapphire Blue   Add
1 O26: Turquoise   Add
O30: Autumn Leaf   Add
O42: Moss Green   Add
O52: Fuschia   Add
O54: Dusty Rose   Add
O57: Mottled Burgundy   Add


Amaco Velvet Underglaze
Amaco Opalescent Glaze (O) Class Pack
Glaze - Amaco, Duncan, Mayco, Spectrum / Amaco Glaze / Amaco Opalescent Glazes