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Molds & Moldmaking / Texture Mats / Texture Mats

Texture Mats

Flexible (will not break!) textured mats are a unique tool for making textures on the surface of wet clay.

  • With these flexible plastic mats, the artist or student can easily create detailed decorative surfaces.
  • Available individually and as sets
  • Set of six: 8 x 12 List Price $ 60.00
  • Set of four: 12 x 16 rocks, wood, dragon scales, basket weave. List Price $ 64.00
  • Save 20% Off List price when you buy sets

Set of Six show left: fish scales, bricks, dragon scales, basket weave, rocks, wood grain


3/13 sets 20%

Color Description Unit Qty Add
Texture Mat Sets   Add
Rocks   Add
Fish Scale   Add
Wood   Add
Dragon Scales   Add
Basket Weave   Add
Molds & Moldmaking / Texture Mats / Texture Mats