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Underglaze / Duncan Underglaze - French Dimensions / Duncan French Dimensions™ (FD)

Duncan French Dimensions™ (FD)

Raise your projects up a notch … literally! Duncan® French Dimensions™ are perfect for adding that extra depth of dimension your project craves.

  • Use these high-pile glazes for raised design effects like dots, stripes, squiggles and outlines, and over and under nonmoving glazes and each other!
  • The fine-writer tip makes application super easy and super smooth.
  • Firing range cone 04 to cone 06

  • Available in a 1.25-oz. easy-to-use squeeze bottle.

Duncan® French Dimensions™ are the perfect accent for every ceramic arts project!


Duncan Discount

20% Off 12 or more.

10% Off 6 or more.

Mix and match, same size

Discount is applied after check-out

(offer may not be combined with other discounts)


Color Description Unit Qty Add
FD254 Black Licorice   Add
FD258 Pure White   Add
FD265 French Straw   Add
FD266 Papaya   Add
FD271 French Kiwi   Add
FD274 Light Pink   Add
FD275 Neon Blue   Add
FD278 French Really Red   Add
Underglaze / Duncan Underglaze - French Dimensions / Duncan French Dimensions™ (FD)