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Underglaze - Continental Clay / Continental Clay Ultimate Underglazes

Continental Clay Ultimate Underglazes

Cone 06-6

  • Available in 36 rich colors, these underglazes are as beautiful and versatile as they are affordable.
  • Most colors may be fired well beyond cone 06 to cone 6 and higher.
  • Liquid colors are perfectly smooth and creamy, easy to apply by brushing or spraying.
  • All have excellent opacity, are lead-free
  • Available in economical Pints and Gallons
  • Buy it by the gallon and save money while enjoying a superior product!

note: color swatches are only as accurate as the internet will allow.

  • 8/16

  • Color Description Unit Qty Add
    CU300: Igloo   Add
    CU303: Mexican Clay   Add
    CU306: Lemon Chiffon   Add
    CU307: Buttercup   Add
    CU308: Canary   Add
    CU309: Almond   Add
    CU310: Ginger Brown   Add
    CU311: Caramel   Add
    CU312: Peat Brown   Add
    CU313: Blush Pink   Add
    CU314: Valentine Pink   Add
    CU315: Terra Rose   Add
    CU316: Crimson   Add
    CU318: Violet   Add
    CU319: Deep Purple   Add
    CU320: Wisp Blue   Add
    CU321: Jay Blue   Add
    CU322: Tropic Blue   Add
    CU323: Madonna Blue   Add
    CU324: Peacock   Add
    CU325: Wedgewood   Add
    CU326: Yacht Blue   Add
    CU327: Celery   Add
    CU328: Watercress   Add
    CU329: Meadow Green   Add
    CU330: Surf Green   Add
    CU331: Forest Green Temp. Unavailable   Add
    CU332: Tangerine   Add
    CU333: Pumpkin   Add
    CU334: Oyster   Add
    CU335: Smoke Grey   Add
    CU336: Pewter   Add
    CU337: Ebony   Add
    CU338: Lilac   Add
    CU339: Mauve   Add
    CU340: Peach   Add
    Underglaze - Continental Clay / Continental Clay Ultimate Underglazes