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Glaze - Continental Clay

Continental Clay Low Fire Liquid Clear Glaze  

Lead Free. Cone 06-05. Milled to a perfect consistency for brushing or dipping
Continental Clay Low Fire Transparent Glazes - Dry  

Cone 06-05. Colors may be used over and under each other for a variety of interesting effects
Continental Clay Majolica Base Glazes  

Cone 06-05
Continental Clay Opaque Liquid Glazes (ONL Series)  

Cone 06-05 Lead Free
Continental Clay Raku Glazes  

Cone 09-05. Dozens of unique shades and colors. No two firings are alike
Continental Clay Mid-Range Matte Glazes - Dry  

Cone 5-6. Our soft-matte glazes offer an exciting new color and texture palette
Continental Clay Mid-Range Liquid Clear Glaze  

Cone 5-6 Clear glaze, available Wet or Dry
Continental Clay Mid-Range Opaque Gloss Glaze  

Cone 5-6. 700 Series. Classic colors that yield dramatic highlights
Continental Clay Mid-Range Transparent Glazes - Dry  

Cone 5-6. High-sheen surfaces are complemented by pooling over ridges, adding striking dimension
Continental Satin Matte White - Dry  

Cone 5-6 Bright white surface with an exceptionally soft sheen

Glaze - Continental Clay