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Modeling Sculpting Taxidermy / Paper & Master Mache / ClayShay


Feels like clay, sets like mache’. 

  • Clayshay is the strongest mache’. 
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous with 0% shrinkage.
  • Beige dry powder ready for use with the addition of water. 
  • You can mix it thick to feel like clay or thin to feel like mache’. 
  • About a 1-hour set time, with a double set to lock in details and eliminate shrinkage. 
  • Lightweight, strong and very versatile.
  • Minimum dust when mixing
  • Light Brown Color
  • ClayShay™ has a double set to lock in details & eliminate shrinkage. The first soft set occurs about one hour after mixing ClayShay™ with water. The second, hard set, occurs when moisture dries off in 1 to 4 days.
  • ClayShay™ can be carved, filed, sanded, painted or other wise finished after set.

    Clay-like applications need less water.
    Maché-like applications need more water.

    A. 2 parts ClayShay™ to 1 part water
    (Thinnest, pourable mix for splash coats and castings.)

    B. 3 or 4 parts ClayShay™ to 1 part water
    (Thin mix, handles like maché, batter like consistency)

    C. 5 parts ClayShay™ to 1 part water
    (Thicker mix, feels like clay - sets like maché!)

    D. Your choice of water to ClayShay™ ratio!
     (Recommended at least 2:1 ratio minimum)

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    Paper Mache
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    Modeling Sculpting Taxidermy / Paper & Master Mache / ClayShay