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Raw Materials / Ceramic Frits / Ferro 3110 (crackle glaze) - Ceramic Frit

Ferro 3110 (crackle glaze) - Ceramic Frit

Ferro 3110 (crackle glaze) is a high soda-silica frit containing a very low percentage of borate (boric acid). 

2.3%         K2O         Potash
15.3%       Na2O       Soda
6.3%         CaO        Calcium
3.7%         AL2O3     Aluminate
2.6%         B2O3       Borate
69.8%       SiO2        Silica Oxide

Fusion Temperature: 1490o F

What is frit? 
Frit is ceramic chemicals that have been melted together and cooled rapidly (shattered), then ground to a fine powder.  The purpose is to render soluble materials insoluble for workability and stability in glaze and clay formulas.  Frits are always used as a flux in a formula even though they also contain percentages of alumina and silica in combination with commun flux materials.


Color Product SKU Description Lbs Add
FR3110Ceramic Frit     Add
Raw Materials / Ceramic Frits / Ferro 3110 (crackle glaze) - Ceramic Frit