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Raw Materials / Ceramic Frits / Ferro 3195 - Ceramic Frit

Ferro 3195 - Ceramic Frit

Ferro 3195 is a high calcium borate frit. 

We are sorry, but the composition and fusion temperature is unavailable.

What is frit? 
Frit is ceramic chemicals that have been melted together and cooled rapidly (shattered), then ground to a fine powder.  The purpose is to render soluble materials insoluble for workability and stability in glaze and clay formulas.  Frits are always used as a flux in a formula even though they also contain percentages of alumina and silica in combination with common flux materials.

Due to fluctuating prices in the raw materials market, any price increases will be confirmed with you before your order is charged or shipped.


Color Product SKU Description Lbs Add
FR3195Ceramic Frit     Add
Raw Materials / Ceramic Frits / Ferro 3195 - Ceramic Frit