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Raw Materials / Slips: Albany, Alberta, Sheffield / Alberta Slip (44# bag) Albany Slip substitute

Alberta Slip (44# bag) Albany Slip substitute

Alberta Slip is a medium plasticity clay-like material. It can be mixed with water to produce a body that can be modeled or thrown on a potter's wheel and fired at low temperatures.


Like classic Albany Slip, Alberta Slip melts fairly well from cone 6 up. By cone 10 it produces a glossy brown in oxidation and a tenmoku in reduction.


Since it is basically a clay material, it generates a significant amount of gases as it decomposes during melting. These tend to make it an 'active' melter in that it bubbles and heaves as it melts (if applied in a very thick layer). For a better melt, add a boron frit (i.e. Ferro 3134) and fire slow enough to give it time to smooth out.

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Albany Substitute (slip clay)
Sheffield Slip
Raw Materials / Slips: Albany, Alberta, Sheffield / Alberta Slip (44# bag) Albany Slip substitute