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Raw Materials / Clay, Ball Clays, Fire Clays, Fillers & Kaolin / Goldart - Cedar Heights

Goldart - Cedar Heights

  • An airfloated Southern Ohio stoneware clay that can be used as a primary plastic clay in many cone^10 clay formulas.
  • Chosen for it's plasticity, this clay is mined in close proximity to coal deposits and at times contains escalated amounts of Sulphur.
  • The average Sulphur content of this clay ranges near 0.25% in a typical analysis and consideration should be given to the outgasing of this impurity when formulating clay bodies.
  • This clay has an average iron oxide percentage of 1.23% and titania content of 1.96% that can give tan to warm grey fired tones and are the reasons for its popularity.
  • For large quantities (500 lbs. or more) please call for a quote 800.432.2529

printable Goldart MSDS.pdf


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CRGOLDGoldart - Raw Clay     Add
Raw Materials / Clay, Ball Clays, Fire Clays, Fillers & Kaolin / Goldart - Cedar Heights