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Kilns / L & L / L & L JD Jupiter Kilns 2.5" Brick

L & L JD Jupiter Kilns 2.5" Brick

Features and Benefits
Sectional: Made of 9” high sections with a reversible bottom and a spring-hinged top (23” & 28” models).
The case is stainless steel wrapped around 2-1/2” K23 highly insulating firebrick with 3 adjusting screw clamps per section.
Brushed stainless steel spring hinge (on23” & 28” diameter models) makes opening easy while still allowing lid to be supported while providing an unobstructed opening for easy loading.
Safety pin prevents lid from closing while loading.
Firebrick is coated with a proprietary antidusting, hardening, and reflective coating.
Ceramic element terminals make element changes easy using a wrench.
A heavy 14 gauge full support solid stand with multiple bends for strength. Includes molded plastic feet protectors.
Full-view solid ceramic peephole plugs are 1” diameter nontapered with heat-locked head. There is one for each section.

Patented hard ceramic element holders protect brick and elements from wear and loading damage.
All-ceramic element connection block and hard holders make changing elements easy. DynaTrol with 4 Easy-Fire programs (Slow Bisque, Fast Bisque, Slow Glaze, Fast Glaze), 6 Vary-Fire custom programs, PreHeat, Delay, Program & Segment Review, and Diagnostics.
Zone control with 2 or 3 zones.
Separate Type K 8 gauge thermocouples with ceramic protection tubes.
Genesis touch screen control optional

The Jupiter control panel is separate from the kiln. Keeps controls and relays cool.
All sections plug into it. Hinged and removable for easy maintenance.
On/off switch and control fuse included.

• Sections can be added later or removed for smaller loads
• DynaTrol with Dynamic Zone Control (2 zones in 18” high models, 3 zones in all other models)
• Hard Ceramic Element Holders
• Most Models are Cone 10 • 2350°F • 1290°C
• 2-1/2” Brick
• Full-View Solid Peephole Plugs
• Stainless “Easy-Lift, Easy-Load” Spring Hinge
• Wide Open Easy Loading
• Heavy-Duty 14 Gauge Aluminized Stand
• Removable Panel for Easy Maintenance
• c-MET-us listed to UL499 Standards


Color Description Unit Qty Add
L&L JD18 Jupiter Kiln 2.6 cubic ft.   Add
L&L JD18X Jupiter Kiln 3.9 cubic ft.   Add
L&L JD23V Jupiter Kiln 4.7 cubic ft.   Add
L&L JD245V Jupiter Kiln 11.8 cubic ft.   Add
L&L JD230V Jupiter Kiln 7 cubic ft.   Add
L&L JD236V Jupiter Kiln 9.4 cubic ft.   Add
Kilns / L & L / L & L JD Jupiter Kilns 2.5" Brick