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Kilns / L & L / L & L eFL Series Front-Loading Kilns

L & L eFL Series Front-Loading Kilns

Front-Loading Kilns with Multi-Program Three-Zoned DynaTrol mounted in an easy-open cool-firing piggy-back control panel that is angled for easy viewing of control.
Kilns come with hard ceramic element holders, protected thermocouples, strong solid-top stand, and solid peephole plug.
The sides and top are arched for super strength.
The base, door, and door frame are formed from precision sheet metal to be both lightweight and strong.
Two shelves provide storage for kiln furniture and structural support.
These kilns ship easily by common carrier, are inexpensive to buy, install, and maintain.

• Arched Sides and Top (like DaVinci Kilns)
• Heat-balanced Insulation
• DynaTrol Dynamic Three Zone Control
• 4 Easy-Fire plus 6 Custom Programs
• Hard Ceramic Element Holders
• Cone 10 • 2350°F • 1290°C
• Full-View Solid Peephole Plug
• Fold Down Panel for Easy Maintenance
• Door Switch
• Optional Casters for all models except the eFL2635
• Installation Videos (hotkilns-unpack-efl)
• c-MET-us listed
• Optional Locking Swivel Casters (Not available on the eFL2635)


Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
EFL1616 Front-Loading Kiln 4 cu ft17 W x 26 D x 16 H $4,100.00  Add
EFL1626 Front-Loading Kiln 6.6 cu ft17 W x 26 D x 26 H $5,000.00  Add
EFL2026 Front-Loading Kiln 8.6 cu ft22 W x 26 D x 26 H  $5,600.00  Add
EFL2626 Front-Loading Kiln 10.2 cu ft26 W x 26 D x 26 H $5,200.00  Add
EFL2635  Front-Loading Kiln 13.7 cu ft26 W x 26 D x 35 H  $7,200.00  Add
LLLSC Locking Swivel CastersNot available for eFL2635 $475.00  Add
Kilns / L & L / L & L eFL Series Front-Loading Kilns