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Kilns / Olympic / Olympic Freedom Cone 10 Kilns

Olympic Freedom Cone 10 Kilns

FREEDOM KILNS – Automatic Controller Freedom Kilns are offered as a complete firing package.
They are ready to fire when received.
The package includes: kiln, shelves, posts, kiln wash, and stilts.
Every Freedom Kiln includes a Freedom Repair Kit.
Freedom 23” and 28” diameter and 25” oval kilns are equipped with a counterweight lid system for easy opening and closing of the kiln lid, stand, three peephole plugs, instruction manual, warranty card, Freedom Kit, Furniture Kit, and Vent. Two-year warranty.
Expand or reduce kiln size with stackable electric rings.
More Space for Every Piece - 3” brick thick kilns expand on the outside so you have the same inside dimensions of 2 1/2” brick thick kilns.
More insulation with 3” brick – Freedom kilns are energy efficient (less power required for high firings) Olympic’s electronic controller provides automatic programming for firing to a specific cone, delay start times feature (fire the kiln when you want), or design your own programs with 6 user programs having 8 segments per program.
Electronic controllers are component-based. Replacing parts is simple and quick to do.
New Twist ‘n Lock inter-box plugs are on the outside of the kiln. This feature extends the life and allows moving or changing the size of the kiln without removing the electrical boxes, creating less wear on the kiln and fewer repairs.
Repairs are easier with stackable rings and electrical boxes – work on only the area needed, not the entire kiln.
Freedom Repair Kits include:
Kiln's wiring schematic.
Extra Thermocouple.
2 Elements with element pins, high-temp connectors & installation instructions.
Crimping tool designed for crimping connectors to elements.
Pint of mortar for lid and brick repair.
Freedom Kilns with firing package include: shelves for the specific Freedom model, post assortment, 1 lb. bag of kiln wash, and an added bonus of 33 assorted stilts for glazing. .
14" Kilns: 1 full shelf, 2 half shelves, 3 ea - 1-6 inch posts.
18" Kilns: 1 full shelf, 4 half shelves, 6 ea - 4, 6, 8 inch posts.
23" Kilns: 1 full Shelf, 4 half shelves - 1”, 6 ea - 4, 6, 8, 10 inch posts.
28" Kilns: 8 half Shelves - 1”, 6 ea - 4, 6, 8, 10 inch posts, 1lb bag of kiln wash.
25" Kilns: 6 half Shelves - 1”, 3 Rectangle – 1”, 10 ea 6, 8, 10 inch posts, 1 lb bag of kiln wash.
Most models are available in Single or 3-Phase. .

Model – 1414HE Test Kiln 240 or 208 volt
Inside dimensions: 14.5″ wide x 13.5″ deep, fires to cone 10 – 2350°f/1260°c
Test kiln models are built with Olympic’s proven electrical box design, which has heat shields with top and bottom perforations to keep the electrical components cool.
Balanced heating elements provide even heating of the firing chamber under all firing conditions.
These models come equipped with a pilot light, metal stand, stainless steel jacket, and Bartlett 3K-CF electronic controller.
One-year Limited Kiln Warranty for cone 10 models.
Options include upgrading to the V6-CF digital controller or Genesis touchscreen controller, Type S thermocouple, and vent.




Color Description Unit Qty Add
Model 1414HE Test Kiln   Add
Freedom Model 1823HE   Add
Freedom Model 2323HE   Add
Freedom Model 2327HE   Add
Freedom Model 1414HE   Add
Kilns / Olympic / Olympic Freedom Cone 10 Kilns