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Tools / Trimming & Shaping / Kemper Pro-Line Tools 300 Series

Kemper Pro-Line Tools 300 Series

Kemper PRO-LINE tools are crafted from select hardwood handles. The steel loops and blades are made from "knife quality" high carbon steel that has been heat-treated and quenched in oil to give the blades maximum hardness and durability. Because high carbon steel takes and holds a sharper and longer lasting edge than stainless, these tools last much longer even when used with highly grogged clays and plaster.

All of Kemper's PRO-LINE tools are retained by brass ferrules and firmly set with industrial adhesives to protect against water and prevent them from coming loose. In addition, each handle is immersed in an oil resin bath to seal the handle against water damage and prolong the life of the tools.

  • Since the cutting loops are made from high carbon steel which can rust, we recommend that the tools be kept clean and dry when not in use. Periodically applying a light coat of oil to the both the blade and handle will prolong the life of the tools.
  • Should the need arise these tools can be resharpened if necessary. However, do not use a power grinder as too much heat may be generated which will destroy the temper of the tools. Kemper recommends that a whetstone, either oil or water, be used to restore your tool's keen edge without damaging the tool.


Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
TKP310 PRO-LINE 310 Pearcorer1-7/8 $17.25  Add
TKP315 PRO-LINE 315 Birdbeak2 x 1-3/8 $17.25  Add
TKP320 PRO-LINE 320 Round1-1/2 $17.25  Add
TKP325 PRO-LINE 325 Teardrop1-1/8 $17.25  Add
TKP340 PRO-LINE 340 Triangle1-7/8 $17.25  Add
TKP345 PRO-LINE 345 Triangle1-1/8 $17.25  Add
TKP350 PRO-LINE 350 Oval5/8 $17.25  Add
TKP360 PRO-LINE 360 Angled1.8 x 0.9 $17.25  Add
TKP370 PRO-LINE 370 Pie2-1/4 $17.25  Add
Tools / Trimming & Shaping / Kemper Pro-Line Tools 300 Series