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Tools / Clay Cutters & Extruders / Mudtool Mudwire Clay Cutters

Mudtool Mudwire Clay Cutters

The Green Mudwire is ergonomically designed to be a pleasure to use.
The handle is made with a durable polymer and is shaped to give you a good grip without having to wrap the wire around your fingers.
The high grade stainless steel braided cable is more resistant to kinking than traditional cut-off wires. This cut-off wire is suited for a standard 13 inch wheel-head and makes a clean cut- you’ll use it every day.

(total length is approximate 15″ but may vary slightly)

The Black Heavy Duty Mudwire is the big brother of the Standard Green general-use wire.
The black Mudwire is made with a heavier cable appropriate to use under heavier/larger pots and platters.
Good for cutting big slabs off a block of clay.

(total length is approximate 19.5″ but may vary slightly)

The Pink Curly Mudwire is more than just a cut-off tool.
When you pull it through the clay it leaves a beautiful pattern. Use it for faceting and you get a surface that looks beautiful on wood-fired or salt-fired pots and under glazes that break (like celadon or temmoku).
The stainless steel curly wire comes to you compressed and you pull it out to get the curl that suits you.

(extends up to a max total length of approximately 15″)


Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
TMUDWCC 15" Straight Green Wire Clay Cutter15 $8.00  Add
TMUDWCCC 15" Curly Pink Wire Clay Cutter15 $9.00  Add
TMUDWCCHD 19.5" Heavy Duty Black Wire Clay Cutter 19.5 $9.00  Add
Tools / Clay Cutters & Extruders / Mudtool Mudwire Clay Cutters