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School, Studio Specials & Discounts / Mayco Glaze Classroom Kits / Mayco Jungle Gems™ Crystal Glazes Kit

Mayco Jungle Gems™ Crystal Glazes Kit

Mayco's crystal glazes, Crystalites™ and Jungle Gems™, are non-toxic gloss glazes that contain glass frit crystals and specks that melt during the firing process.  As these crystals "bloom" and spread they produce dramatic, colorful effects. Our crystal glazes feature a fluid base glaze which allows for greater crystal flow and movement.


Some qualities of Mayco's Crystal glazes include:

  • Firing Temperature - can be fired from cone 06; cone 6 and cone 10 firings can yield interesting results.
  • Free Flowing Formula - allows crystals to blossom or develop into colorful flowing arrays during the firing
  • Body - can be applied to earthenware, stoneware or porcelain
  • Non-Toxic

Note: Glazes that create dimensional surfaces also create crevices and nooks that can trap food - even after washing.  This food can develop bacterial growth and cause health issues. Our policy is to discourage the use of textural glazes on ware that is intended for food usage even though the glaze has met all food safety criteria.

Jungle Gems™ Crystal Glazes Kit 1 each of the following colors:

CG-713 Peacock Green, CG-717 Pistachio, CG-718 Blue Caprice, CG-753 Sassy Orange, CG-756 Firecracker, CG-780 Mystic Jade, CG-798 Black Iris, CG-973 Alligator, CG-962 Blue Azure, CG-964 Kaleidescope, CG-965 Mocha Marble, CG-970 Masquerade


Kit List Price (12 - 4 oz. bottles) $ 68.00

Now $ 54.40

Kit List Price (12 - Pint bottles) $ 202.00

Now $ 161.60


Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
GMCGKIT2 Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes Kit 12 - 4 oz. $54.40  Add
GMCGKT2P Jungle Gems Crystal Glazes Kit12 - Pints $161.60  Add
School, Studio Specials & Discounts / Mayco Glaze Classroom Kits / Mayco Jungle Gems™ Crystal Glazes Kit