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Display Accessories - Acrylic Stands / Acrylic Stands / Acrylic Plate & Bowl Stands

Acrylic Plate & Bowl Stands

Acrylic plate and bowl holders

  • Premium quality
  • Clear precision-cut
  • Lightweight, strong acrylic plastic
  • Use free-standing or wall mounted
  • Width measurement is "toe to toe"
  • Depth measurement is "spine to toe"
Upright / Plate Holder
DACP06 10” max dia (6”h x 4.25”w 4.25"d x 1/8” th)
DACP08 12” max dia (8”h x 6.25”w x 6.25"d x 3/16” th)
DACP10 16” max dia (10”h x 7”w x 6.75"d x 1/4” th)
DACP12 20” max dia (12”h x 8.50”w x 7"d x 1/4” th)
DACP14 24” max dia (14”h x 13”w x 8.5"d x 1/4” th)
DACP18 38” max dia (18”h x 14.50”w x 11.25"d x 1/4” th)

Bowl Holders
DACB04 8” max dia (4”h x 5”w x 5.75"d x 1/4” th)
DACB06 12” max dia (6”h x 7”w x 8.5"d x 1/4” th)
DACB07 15” max dia (7”h x 10”w x 8.25"d x 1/4” th)
DACB09 20” max dia (9”h x 12”w x 11.5"d x 1/4” th)


Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
DACB04 8" Bowl Holder 4h x 6w $8.40  Add
DACB06 12" Bowl Holder 6h x 9w $15.20  Add
DACB07 15" Bowl Holder 7h x 10w $17.80  Add
DACB09 20" Bowl Holder 9h x 11w $25.20  Add
DACP06 10" Plate Holder 6h x 5w $10.80  Add
DACP08 12" Plate Holder 8h x 6w $15.20  Add
DACP10 16" Plate Holder 10h x 7w $18.20  Add
DACP12 20" Plate Holder 12h x 8w $21.60  Add
DACP14 24" Plate Holder 14h x 12w $25.60  Add
DACP18 38" Plate Holder 18h x 14w $39.00  Add
Display Accessories - Acrylic Stands / Acrylic Stands / Acrylic Plate & Bowl Stands