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Glaze - Amaco / Amaco High Fire Glazes (Celebration HF)

Amaco High Fire Glazes (Celebration HF)

Cone 5.

AMACO HF Series (formerly Celebration) Glazes are a beautiful group of bright and pastel colors for stoneware that are as colorful as earthenware glazes.

These glazes are opaque and can be applied over any light or dark clay that can be fired to Cone 5. The final surface appearance will change depending on the clay body on which they are applied.

These glazes are great when used in contrasting colors, next to or on top of each other. Furthermore, excellent results have been achieved when used over the Sahara (HF) or Potter'sChoice (PC) series glazes. Therefore, don't restrict yourself to the 18 colors in this series. Experiment with them in different combinations and increase your choice of color and texture. These glazes are great for producing colorful utilitarian ware.

Bisque fire the clay to Cone 04, then glaze and fire to maturing temperature at Cone 5.

Amaco Discount

20% Off 12 or more.

10% Off 6 or more.

Mix and match, any combination

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Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
GAHF125P Turquoise pint $21.00  Add
GAHF127P China Blue pint $31.00  Add
GAHF129P Baby Blue pint $21.00  Add
GAHF142P Chartreuse pint $31.00  Add
GAHF161P Bright YellowPint $31.00  Add
GAHF165P Scarlet Red pint $34.00  Add
GAHF166P Orangerie pint $34.00  Add
GAHF167P Clementine pint $34.00  Add
GAHF170P Lilac pint $34.00  Add
GAHF171P Amethyst pint $34.00  Add


Amaco High Fire Glazes (HF Sahara)
Glaze - Amaco / Amaco High Fire Glazes (Celebration HF)