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Glaze - Amaco / Amaco Phase Glaze (PG)

Amaco Phase Glaze (PG)

Crafted with precision and expertise, Phase Glazes are designed to induce controlled phase separation. This phenomenon creates mesmerizing patterns and gradients within the glaze, resulting in unparalleled depth and dimensionality in your finished pieces.

Layers well over AMACO Celadons, Potter's Choice, and Satin Matte glazes.
For layering, please apply 3 coats over 3 coats. Glaze layering fired results may run if paired with a runny glaze. We recommend testing any layering combination prior to putting it on a full ceramic piece.
Shake well before use. For the best results, do not thin the glaze and apply 3-4 brush coats to Cone 04 bisque. (Let the glaze dry between coats.)

Glaze fire to Cone 5-6. Due to variations in raw materials used during manufacturing, we recommend firing glazed test tiles before using each new batch number of glaze.

PG-24 Night Rain
A deep indigo blue with lighter blue visual texture, PG-24 Night Rain is reminiscent of a night sky through a rain spattered window.

PG-42 Teal Drift
A vivid turquoise with subtle spots where thick, PG-42 Teal Drift is a rich, tropical color.

PG-54 Lunar Pink
A pale, cool pink with white visual texture where thick. PG-54 Lunar Pink gives the visual effect is caused by the scattering of sunlight through the Earth's atmosphere during the moonrise.

PG-55 Floating Lavender
A light purple with lighter visual spot texture where thick, PG-55 Floating Lavender is light and airy as a cloud at sunset.

Available to ship Mid-Late April
Color Description Unit Qty Add
PG-24 Night Rain NEW!   Add
PG-42 Teal Drift NEW!   Add
PG-54 Lunar Pink NEW!   Add
PG-55 Floating Lavender NEW!   Add
Glaze - Amaco / Amaco Phase Glaze (PG)