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Glaze - Amaco / Amaco High Fire Glazes (HF Sahara)

Amaco High Fire Glazes (HF Sahara)

Cone 4-6

AMACO HF (formerly Sahara) High Fire Glazes are compounded to match porcelain and stoneware bodies. Matt and textured glazes suitable for stoneware and transparent gloss glazes for translucent porcelain are included in this series.

In liquid form, AMACO Sahara High Fire Glazes are ready-to-use while dry powdered glazes are mixed with water. Although these glazes may be applied on bone dry greenware for single firing, it is easier to apply them on low fire bisque. HF-26 and HF-32 should be applied thicker than other glazes in this series. HF-36 should be fired to Cone 4 (2161°F, 1183°C) to obtain texture. For best results: if brushed they will need three coats. Then clay and glaze may be matured at the same time, at the recommended firing temperature of Cone 5 (2205°F, 1207°C).

A zinc-free, clear, transparent high fire glaze (HF-9) is also available. Because the presence of zinc in a glaze formula may change the appearance of certain colors (green, black, gray, etc.), a zinc-free clear is very important for application over underglaze decoration. When used under HF-9 Zinc-Free Clear, colors will fire true. Any variation in color intensity of the underglazes will then depend on the individual color stability at Cone 5. Firing range is from Cone 4 (2161°F, 1183°C) to Cone 6 (2269°F, 1243°C).

Amaco® Sahara High Fire Glazes work well and produce interesting effects when fired in reduction as well as oxidation (reduction firing not recommended for GAHF26.) We also suggest experimentation using Opalescent glazes or new High Fire Texturizers in combination with High Fire Glazes. In dry form, Amaco® Sahara High Fire Glazes are ready to mix with water. Firing range is from Cone 4 (2167°F) to Cone 6 (2232°F).
These Amaco Glazes are AP Non-Toxic: Code 1. Dinnerware Safe. Contains some lead or cadmium ingredients, but passes test for lead and cadmium release.

The Sahara glazes are available in pints and gallons

This bowl was decorated with AMACO Sahara glaze HF-22 Textured Blue, then accented with Arroya Brown.

Click here for high resolution color chart

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Note: HF 14, 36, 37, 41 are now part of the Potter's Choice (PC) Series.

Discontinued by Amaco HF Glazes available while current supply lasts.


Color Description Unit Qty Add
HF1: Black   Add
HF9: Zinc Free Clear   Add
HF10: Clear   Add
HF11: White   Add
HF12: Clear Satin   Add
HF26: Turquoise   Add
HF55: Coral Gloss   Add
HF56: Red Gloss   Add


Amaco Potter's Choice Glazes (PC)
Amaco High Fire Glazes (Celebration HF)
Glaze - Amaco / Amaco High Fire Glazes (HF Sahara)