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Glaze - Amaco / Amaco Raku Glazes (R)

Amaco Raku Glazes (R)

These Raku glazes will produce colorful, lustrous, and dramatic effects when reduced in proper Raku firing.

Cone 010-05. LEAD FREE

All colors in the Raku series are LEAD FREE.
CL glazes restricted from use K-6 (ASTM D-4236/LHAMA)

RAKU is a very unpredictable medium and is affected by many variables. The effects achieved with these or any other RAKU glazes may not always be the same. Even after you have done RAKU for a long time you will see that it is almost impossible to have complete control over the result or a consistent glaze effect even if you are using the glaze from the same jar. However this is a spontaneous technique and all the varied effects are usually acceptable. Tong marks and other marks from reduction material is considered a characteristic of RAKU, not a defect.

RAKU can be safe and exciting when the right precautions are taken. RAKU is not for children. This technique is for adults or college students only.

These glazes will produce a very dramatic effect when reduced after the RAKU firing. Remember that these glazes need to be fired to their recommmended temperature of Cone 05 (1911°F, 1044°C). Once they reach temperature, turn off the kiln; let it cool to about 1700°F, 944°C before you pull the pieces out of the kiln with the tongs.
RAKU can be safe and exciting when the right precautions are taken. RAKU is not for children. This technique is for adults or college students only.

* safe for spray application.

Amaco reserves the right to substitute a glaze or underglaze of similar color and equal or greater value when neccesary and without prior notice.

Raku Glazes are discontinued by Amaco.
Available while current supply lasts.
No backorders.

List $ 18.20 - 40% Off $10.92


Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
GAR10P R-10 Clear Crackle - Discontinued  $10.92  Add
GAR11P R-11 White Crackle - Discontinued  $10.92  Add
GAR14P R-14 Smokey Lilac - Discontinued  $10.92  Add
GAR15P R-15 Caribbean Blue - Discontinued   $10.92  Add
GAR16P R-16 Copper Patina - Discontinued   $10.92  Add
GAR17P R-17 Tarnished Silver - Discontinued   $10.92  Add
GAR19P R-19 Copper Matte - Discontinued  $10.92  Add
GAR20P R-20 Red Crackle - Discontinued   $10.92  Add


Glaze - Amaco / Amaco Raku Glazes (R)