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Glaze - Duncan 40% Off / Duncan Envision Semi-Translucents (IN)

Duncan Envision Semi-Translucents (IN)

Envision® Semi-Translucent Glazes work with a variety of decorating techniques and produce a distinctively smooth and elegant appearance in intense colors ranging from opaque to transparent.

See the world in vibrant color! Envision® Glazes are perfect for ceramists, schools and finished-ware manufacturers!

· Easy to use
· Creamy consistency for excellent brushability
· Works in perfect harmony with other Duncan glazes and underglazes for dramatic results
· Available in 4-oz. jars with selected colors available in pints and gallons


How to use Envision® Glazes


1.       Apply to shelf cone 04 bisque.

2.       Apply 2-3 smooth, even coats.

3.       Fire to shelf cone 06.

4.       Clean up with water.


Tips & Techniques

1. Envision® Glazes move very little during firing, so apply them with smooth, even strokes.
2. Most Envision® Glazes are overglaze compatible. Always refer to label instructions for proper application and usage.
3. Most colors may be mixed together to create custom colors with no changes in application or performance.
4. Envision® Glazes reds and greens can be fired simultaneously with no special precautions

Discontinued Duncan Glazes are available only while current stock is available. No Backorders.

Duncan Discount 40% Off
4 oz. was $ 4.85 Now $ 2.91
Pint was $ 14.50 Now $ 8.70

(offer may not be combined with other discounts)


Color Description Unit Qty Add
IN1015 Caribbean Blue   Add
IN1064 Baby Blue - Discontinued   Add
IN1033 Bluebonnet - Discontinued   Add
IN1634 Royal Blue   Add
IN1013 Denim Blue   Add
IN1014 Galaxy Blue - Discontinued   Add
IN1034 Larkspur - Discontinued   Add
IN1011 Royal Purple   Add
IN1626 Royal Ruby - Discontinued   Add
IN1010 Plum Blush - Discontinued   Add
IN1009 Cherry Red - Discontinued   Add
IN1004 Sunset Red - Discontinued   Add
IN1005 Ruby Red   Add
IN1006 Tearose - Discontinued   Add
IN1032 Miami Pink   Add
IN1022 Peach Blush - Discontinued   Add
IN1667 Caramel - Discontinued   Add
IN1038 Parchment - Discontinued   Add
IN1629 Ivory Belleek - Discontinued   Add
IN1039 Mocha Cream - Discontinued   Add
IN1679 Royal Danish - Discontinued   Add
IN1018 Celadon - Discontinued   Add
IN1003 Sun Yellow   Add
IN1781 Pumpkin Orange   Add
IN1950 Indian Summer - Discontinued   Add
IN1023 Butter Toffee - Discontinued   Add
IN1021 Terra Cotta - Discontinued   Add
IN1666 Walnut Brown - Discontinued   Add
IN1047 Roasted Pepper - Discontinued   Add
IN1673 Espresso   Add
IN1037 Leaf Green   Add
IN1019 Holiday Green   Add
IN1639 Apple Green - Discontinued   Add
IN1640 Foliage Green   Add
IN1669 Bottle Green   Add
IN1036 Bluegrass   Add
IN1609 Emerald Green   Add
IN1017 Sea Mist Green   Add
IN1065 Light Turquoise   Add
IN1002 Nordic Light - Discontinued   Add
IN1001 Clear   Add
IN1627 Clear Black - Discontinued   Add
Glaze - Duncan 40% Off / Duncan Envision Semi-Translucents (IN)