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Underglaze - Amaco / Amaco Liquid Decorating Underglaze (LUG)

Amaco Liquid Decorating Underglaze (LUG)

Cone 06-05 and above


Brilliant, Ready-To-Use Colors. Amaco® Liquid Underglaze Decorating Colors are supplied in time-saving, ready-to-use form. The concentrated, opaque colors are recommended for covering large areas quickly, easily, and smoothly. Results are equally effective when the colors are used for detailed painting, sgraffito decoration, watercolor effects, free brush painting, wax resists and mishima decoration.

Many colors are good to Cone 6 and higher. 25 intense colors are available and other colors, shades and tints are made by blending. The colors may be brushed: (1) on greenware, which is to be bisque fired before applying a covering glaze, or (2) on bisque, then covering glaze applied. For opaque coverage by brushing, the consistency of the color in the jar is correct. Slip may be tinted by adding small amounts of GUG to produce colored slip. Intensity depends on the quantity used. To color moist clay, cut clay in very thin slices, pour GUG color between slices and wedge until a uniform color is achieved.

Since the colors are approximately the same tone before and after firing, the effectiveness of color combinations and blending is observed as the painting progresses.

Sets are discontinued by Amaco:
shown at left: Warm Gray, Medium Blue, Turquoise, Mahogany Brown, Chartreuse, Warm Green, Pink, Suntan, Lilac, Purple, Bright Yellow, Orange.

shown below: Black, White, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Aqua, Light Brown, Blue Green, Dark Green, Rose, Peach, Maroon, Light Yellow.

These Amaco Underglazes are all AP Non-Toxic.

Amaco Discount

20% Off 12 or more

10% Off 6 or more

Mix and Match, Any Combination

discount deducted after discounted check-out




Color Description Unit Qty Add
LUG01: Black   Add
LUG10: White   Add
LUG15: Warm Grey   Add
LUG20: Light Blue   Add
LUG21: Medium Blue   Add
LUG22: Dark Blue   Add
LUG25: Turquoise   Add
LUG26: Aqua   Add
LUG30: Light Brown   Add
LUG40: Chartreuse   Add
LUG41: Warm Green   Add
LUG42: Blue Green   Add
LUG43: Dark Green   Add
LUG50: Pink   Add
LUG51: Rose   Add
LUG52: Peach   Add
LUG53: Sun Tan   Add
LUG54: Lilac   Add
LUG55: Purple   Add
LUG56: Maroon   Add
LUG60: Light Yellow   Add
LUG61: Bright Yellow   Add
LUG65: Orange   Add
LUG58: Dark Red   Add


Underglaze Applicator
Underglaze - Amaco / Amaco Liquid Decorating Underglaze (LUG)