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Underglaze - Amaco / Amaco Velvet Underglaze

Amaco Velvet Underglaze

Cone 04-6

All colors in the Velvet Series are AP NON-TOXIC.

AMACO Velvets semi-translucent underglazes offer two finish possibilities. When left unglazed, they have the appearance of velour or velvet. They will intensify in color when covered with a Clear Transparent Gloss glaze.

Velvets 380-384 have a unique formula that makes them very versatile. They can be used in detailed design work as a Cone 05/06 underglaze, or they can be fired up to Cone 6 and maintain their intensity and brightness.

All the Velvets are vibrant colors and can be used for an all-over coverage similar to an opaque underglaze. They fire true to color as applied from the jar and may be intermixed to create a palette of hundreds of colors. The colors may be brushed (1) on greenware, which is to be bisque fired before applying a covering glaze, or (2) on a mature Cone 04 (1971 F, 1077 C) bisque, then a covering glaze applied. For opaque coverage by brushing, the consistency of the color in the jar is correct. Velvets tolerate a wide firing range, with recommended firing temperature being that of the clay used.

NOTE: V-317 Medium Pink will change color and blister at Cone 5. V-303 Terra Cotta will fade away when glazed over. If you need to use this color and glaze it, then substitute it with V-366 Teddy Bear Brown.

Velvets were developed to be used without a glaze cover. V-327 will appear Green Turquoise under LG-9 and Blue Turquoise under LG-10.

AMACO Velvet Underglazes have only been tested and approved as dinnerware safe when applied and fired under LG-10 Clear Glaze. They should not be used on surfaces that come in contact with food or drink. If left unglazed, AMACO clear glazes LG-9, LG-10, F-10, and HF-9 or any other dinnerware safe glaze are recommended to be used over AMACO Velvets to make them dinnerware safe.

For best results with V-317, 318, 321, 322, 325, 326, 371, and 375, apply only two coats of LG-10 Clear Glaze.

Tableware producers must have all finished ware tested and approved as safe for dinnerware through a certified laboratory due to possible variations in firing temperature and possible contamination.

Discontinued Amaco Velvets are available ony while current supplies last. No backorders.

These Amaco Underglazes are all AP Non-Toxic.

Amaco Discount

20% Off 12 or more.

10% Off 6 or more.

Mix and match, any combination

Discount is applied after check-out

Full Page Color Reference pdf.


Color Description Unit Qty Add
V363: Morning Fog NEW!   Add
V301: Ivory Beige   Add
V303: Terra Cotta   Add
V304: Straw   Add
V308: Yellow   Add
V309: Deep Yellow   Add
V313: Red Brown   Add
V314: Chocolate Brown   Add
V315: Peach   Add
V316: Light Pink   Add
V318: Rose   Add
V320: Lavender   Add
V321: Lilac   Add
V322: Purple   Add
V323: Salmon   Add
V325: Baby Blue   Add
V326: Medium Blue   Add
V327: Turquoise Blue   Add
V328: Iceberg Blue   Add
V332: Teal Blue   Add
V333: Avocado   Add
V336: Royal Blue   Add
V341: Blue Green   Add
V343: Chartreuse   Add
V345: Light Green   Add
V350: Orange   Add
V353: Dark Green   Add
V354: Leaf Green   Add
V356: Pearl Gray   Add
V360: White   Add
V361: Jet Black   Add
V366: Teddy Bear Brown   Add
V370: Velour Black   Add
V372: Mint Green   Add
V375: Maroon   Add
V376: Hunter Green   Add
V380: Violet   Add
V381: Amethyst   Add
V382: Red   Add
V383: Light Red   Add
V384: Real Orange   Add
V385: Cinnamon   Add
V386: Electric Blue   Add
V379: Ultra Violet NEW!   Add
V365: Slate NEW!   Add
V362: Ultra Black NEW!   Add
V359: Ultra White NEW!   Add
V364: Elephant NEW!   Add
V387: Bright Red   Add
V388: Radiant Red   Add
V389: FlameĀ Orange   Add
V390: Bright Orange   Add
V391: Intense Yellow   Add
V317: Coral   Add
V324: Blush   Add
V347: Pistachio   Add
V349: Cactus   Add


Amaco Opalescent Glazes
Underglaze - Amaco / Amaco Velvet Underglaze