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Underglaze - Amaco / Amaco Velvet Underglaze

Amaco Velvet Underglaze

Cone 04-6

All colors in the Velvet Series are AP NON-TOXIC.

AMACO Velvets semi-translucent underglazes offer two finish possibilities. When left unglazed, they have the appearance of velour or velvet. They will intensify in color when covered with a Clear Transparent Gloss glaze.

Velvets 380-384 have a unique formula that makes them very versatile. They can be used in detailed design work as a Cone 05/06 underglaze, or they can be fired up to Cone 6 and maintain their intensity and brightness.

All the Velvets are vibrant colors and can be used for an all-over coverage similar to an opaque underglaze. They fire true to color as applied from the jar and may be intermixed to create a palette of hundreds of colors. The colors may be brushed (1) on greenware, which is to be bisque fired before applying a covering glaze, or (2) on a mature Cone 04 (1971 F, 1077 C) bisque, then a covering glaze applied. For opaque coverage by brushing, the consistency of the color in the jar is correct. Velvets tolerate a wide firing range, with the recommended firing temperature being that of the clay used.

NOTE: V-317 Medium Pink will change color and blister at Cone 5. V-303 Terra Cotta will fade away when glazed over. If you need to use this color and glaze it, then substitute it with V-366 Teddy Bear Brown.

Velvets were developed to be used without a glaze cover. V-327 will appear Green Turquoise under LG-9 and Blue Turquoise under LG-10.

AMACO Velvet Underglazes have only been tested and approved as dinnerware safe when applied and fired under LG-10 Clear Glaze. They should not be used on surfaces that come in contact with food or drink. If left unglazed, AMACO clear glazes LG-9, LG-10, F-10, and HF-9 or any other dinnerware safe glaze are recommended to be used over AMACO Velvets to make them dinnerware safe.

For best results with V-317, 318, 321, 322, 325, 326, 371, and 375, apply only two coats of LG-10 Clear Glaze.

Tableware producers must have all finished ware tested and approved as safe for dinnerware through a certified laboratory due to possible variations in firing temperature and possible contamination.

These Amaco Underglazes are all AP Non-Toxic.

Amaco Discount

20% Off 12 or more.

10% Off 6 or more.

Mix and match, any combination

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Full Page Color Reference pdf.


Color Description Unit Qty Add
V363: Morning Fog NEW!   Add
V301: Ivory Beige   Add
V303: Terra Cotta   Add
V304: Straw   Add
V308: Yellow   Add
V309: Deep Yellow   Add
V313: Red Brown   Add
V314: Chocolate Brown   Add
V315: Peach   Add
V318: Rose   Add
V320: Lavender   Add
V321: Lilac   Add
V322: Purple   Add
V323: Salmon   Add
V325: Baby Blue   Add
V326: Medium Blue   Add
V327: Turquoise Blue   Add
V328: Iceberg Blue   Add
V332: Teal Blue   Add
V333: Avocado   Add
V336: Royal Blue   Add
V341: Blue Green   Add
V343: Chartreuse   Add
V345: Light Green   Add
V350: Orange   Add
V353: Dark Green   Add
V356: Pearl Gray   Add
V360: White   Add
V361: Jet Black   Add
V366: Teddy Bear Brown   Add
V370: Velour Black   Add
V375: Maroon   Add
V376: Hunter Green   Add
V380: Violet   Add
V381: Amethyst   Add
V382: Red   Add
V383: Light Red   Add
V384: Real Orange   Add
V385: Cinnamon   Add
V386: Electric Blue   Add
V330: Indigo NEW!   Add
V379: Ultra Violet NEW!   Add
V365: Slate NEW!   Add
V362: Ultra Black NEW!   Add
V359: Ultra White NEW!   Add
V364: Elephant NEW!   Add
V387: Bright Red   Add
V388: Radiant Red   Add
V389: FlameĀ Orange   Add
V390: Bright Orange   Add
V391: Intense Yellow   Add
V311: Nectar NEW!   Add
V329: Sea Glass Blue NEW!   Add
V317: Coral   Add
V324: Blush   Add
V347: Pistachio   Add
V349: Cactus   Add
V392: Blood Orange NEW!   Add
Underglaze - Amaco / Amaco Velvet Underglaze