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Underglaze - Spectrum / Spectrum Superstrokes 401-435 Underglaze for Bisque

Spectrum Superstrokes 401-435 Underglaze for Bisque

Spectrum Superstrokes Underglaze for Bisque


Contemporary ceramic studios and traditional potters will enjoy these 70 vibrant colors for every “on-bisque” application. Extremely versatile, can be used as a traditional underglaze, majolica glaze or a glaze only.

All colors are non-toxic, lead-free and dinnerware safe when fired with a food-safe covering glaze.


Basic Directions:

-  Apply to cone 04/03 bisque

-  Apply one coat for translucent appearance, two coats for semi-opaque

-  Apply three coats of Superstrokes alone with no cover glaze to attain a bright glossy glaze color.

-  Dip or brush clear glaze over Superstrokes

-  Fire to cone 06/05 thru cone 5



  • Are easily intermixable with the exception of are the reds and oranges which do not mix well with other colors.

  • Fire to a semi-gloss finish when three coats are applied without a clear glaze covering.

  • Colors are stable to cone 5 and work well on stoneware bisque, with or without a clear glaze covering.

  • Ideal for majolica technique and can be used on top of most glazes. 

Spectrum Superstrokes 8 oz. Discount

20% off 12 or more

10% off 6 or more

Mix and match, any combination

Discount is applied after check-out


Limited quantities available Nov - April.

Winter shipments determined by vendor.

Available in our retail stores locally.


Color Description Unit Qty Add
404 Banana   Add
405 Fizzy Orange   Add
403 Lemon Peel   Add
401 Snow White   Add
402 Sandman   Add
406 Sunshine Yellow   Add
410 Caramel   Add
407 English Rose   Add
408 Cotton Candy   Add
409 Blush   Add
411 Hot Fudge   Add
412 Wally Walnut   Add
413 Chocolate Brownie   Add
414 Java Bean   Add
415 Black Velvet   Add
416 Happy Hippo   Add
417 Turtledove   Add
418 Capuccino   Add
419 Spearmint   Add
420 Bashful Beige   Add
421 Desert Storm   Add
422 Tacky Toffee   Add
423 Yummy Yam   Add
424 Honey Mustard   Add
425 Laser Lime   Add
426 Bowling Green   Add
427 Leap Frog   Add
428 Christmas Green   Add
429 Robin Hood Green   Add
430 Sherwood Forest   Add
431 Oceanic Blue   Add
432 Robin's Egg Blue   Add
433 Blue Lagoon   Add
434 Lavender   Add
435 Moody Blue   Add


Spectrum Superstrokes 436-470 Underglaze for Bisque
Underglaze - Spectrum / Spectrum Superstrokes 401-435 Underglaze for Bisque