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Glaze - Mayco / Mayco Stroke & Coat SC1-SC39

Mayco Stroke & Coat SC1-SC39

Stroke and Coat® Wonderglaze® Glaze for Bisque & Greenware


Stroke & Coat is the premier product to use in the “One Fire” or “1-2-3 Step” method of decorating on bisque. Apply to bisque, let dry, clear glaze and fire, producing a finish that is almost fool proof for everyone from the amateur to the master ceramist.


If one coat is applied, you get transparent coverage, two coats give a semi-opaque coverage, and three coats give a solid coverage. The variety of colors is not limited to the palette given, as all are intermixable to obtain intermediate shades.

When applied heavily the color will retain some dimensional qualities that give the decorator a useful tool in a variety of techniques. They can also be applied over any non-moving glaze, underglaze, or Astro Gem™ surface. When thinned Stroke and Coat is applied on top of a Series 2000 Matte surface in a brushstroke design or watercolor technique, Stroke & Coat takes on the underlying matte characteristic of the glaze. Two to three coats on top of a Series 2000 Matte glaze will give a shinier surface.



• Non-toxic.

• Apply to properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque.

• Apply one coat for a translucent look.  Apply three coats for solid opaque coverage.

• All are intermixable to create a wider color palette.

• True color out of the jar makes design work easier.

• Use a soft glaze brush for ease of application.

• Apply smooth even coats for solid coverage. Dimensional or embossed effects can be achieved when applied heavily.

• Glaze with any clear glaze, dipping or brush-on type.

• Fire to shelf cone 06.

• Dinnerware safe when used with a dinnerware approved clear glaze.

• All luster compatible.

• Can be fired up to shelf cone 6. Check High Fire Guide.

• SC-69 Princess Pink and SC-70 Pink-a-Dot are more translucent than the rest of the Stroke & Coat. These colors may take 4 coats to achieve opaque coverage.

• Speckled Stroke & Coat performs in the same manner and has the same characteristics as the opaque Stroke & Coat line.


Important: SC-13 Grapel and SC-33 Fruit of the Vine should have either C-101 Blu White Clear, C-105 Crystal Clear, C-109 Wonder Clear Dipping or SC-209 Clearly-the-Best Clear glaze applied over them to produce the brightest and clearest color. Some non-toxic clear glazes can turn the color milky.

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    Color Description Unit Qty Add
    SC-1 Pink-A-Boo   Add
    SC-2 Melon-choly   Add
    SC-3 Wine About It   Add
    SC-5 Tiger Tail   Add
    SC-6 Sunkissed   Add
    SC-7 Leapin' Lizard   Add
    SC-8 Just Froggy   Add
    SC-9 Jaded   Add
    SC-10 Teal Next Time   Add
    SC-11 Blue Yonder   Add
    SC-12 Moody Blue   Add
    SC-13 Grapel   Add
    SC-14 Java Bean   Add
    SC-15 Tuxedo   Add
    SC-16 Cotton Tail   Add
    SC-17 Cheeky Pinky   Add
    SC-18 Rosey Posey   Add
    SC-20 Cashew Later   Add
    SC-23 Jack O'Lantern   Add
    SC-24 Dandelion   Add
    SC-25 Crackerjack Brown   Add
    SC-26 Green Thumb   Add
    SC-27 Sour Apple   Add
    SC-28 Blue Isle   Add
    SC-29 Blue Grass   Add
    SC-30 Blue Dawn   Add
    SC-31 The Blues   Add
    SC-32 Bluebeard   Add
    SC-33 Fruit of the Vine   Add
    SC-34 Down to Earth   Add
    SC-35 Gray Hare   Add
    SC-36 Irish Luck   Add
    SC-37 Ivory Tower   Add
    SC-39 Army Surplus   Add


    Mayco Stroke & Coat Classroom Kits
    Glaze - Mayco / Mayco Stroke & Coat SC1-SC39