Important: Clay Pricing and Supply Chain
Continental Clay Bodies
Raw Materials
Clay & Glaze Chemicals
Glaze - Continental Clay TEMP UNAVAILABLE
Glaze - Mayco
Glaze - Amaco
Glaze - Duncan Discontinued 40% Off
Glaze - Spectrum
Glaze - All Brands
Underglaze - Continental Clay TEMP UNAVAILABLE
Underglaze - Amaco
Underglaze - Duncan Discontinued 40% Off
Underglaze - Mayco
Underglaze - Spectrum
Mason® & Spectrum Stains
Pottery Wheels
Shelves & Firing Accessories
Small Studio Equipment & Tools
Large Studio Equipment
Molds & Moldmaking
Classroom Furniture
School, Studio Specials & Discounts
Modeling Sculpting Taxidermy
Display Accessories - Acrylic Stands
Decorative & Faux Finishes
Additives / Resists / Repair
Magazines, Posters, Videos
Tile Firing Supplies
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Tools / Safety & Cleaning
Dust Command  

A unique liquid formulation designed for keeping dust down on sealed concrete or wood floors.
Dust Command Sprayer  

2.5 gallon capacity
Gleco Trap  

Save your plumbing
Safety Solvent  

A safer, more effective solvent
Apron Cotton   

Cotton Apron. Pen Pocket
Colored Safety Glasses  

Impact-resistant green lenses suitable for viewing cones during firing.
Large Clean Up Sponge  

Big and absorbant, this sponge is great for all types of clean up.
Leather Gloves  

Rugged medium heat duty gloves for temperatures up to 250ºF.
Plastic Clay Bags  

The same heavyweight 3 mil bags we use for packaging our clays.
ToolsSafety & Cleaning