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Tools / Texture
Amaco Clay Texture Rollers 2 1/2"  

2-1/2" wide Textured Clay Roller Class pack
Amaco Clay Texture Rollers 4"  

Create a continuous design in clay with these easy-to-use durable rubber rollers.
Amaco Clay Tile Cutters   

Cutting soft clay slabs into tiles, rectangles, or strips is so easy with these Clay Tile Cutters.
Bamboo Texture Mats  

Flexible mats are a unique tool for making textures on the surface of wet clay
Kemper Notched Texture Ribs - RBT  

8 different notched hardwood ribs
Kemper Pottery Paddle  

Alter your forms and create interesting shapes
Mayco Designer Texture Mats 002 - 003  

Flower Branch, Wood Grain, Brick
Mayco Designer Texture Mats 004 - 005  

Swirls, Retro Squares
Mayco Designer Texture Mats 007 - 009  

Divots, Swirls, Scallops
Mayco Designer Texture Mats 010 - 013  

Cable Knit, Diamond Plate, Ikat, Honeycomb

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