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New Products for 2016 / FM Dynasty Brushes
Dynasty B-2300 Design Brush Assortment  

Oval / Mop / Wash & White Bristle Fan Brushes (Short Handle) 25% Off
Dynasty B-430 Fine Golden Synthetic Hair Canister Set  

144 Brush Assortment Canister. Fine Golden Synthetic Hair. 25% Off
Dynasty C-100 Emerald Design Watercolor Painting  

Angles, Rounds & Liners (Short Handle) 72 piece canister brush set. 25% Off
Dynasty C-200 Ruby Red Watercolor Painting (Short Handle)  

A 72 Canister Brush Assortment of Rounds, Flats, Angles and Ovals. 25% Off
Dynasty C-300 Sapphire Student Watercolor Flat  

Flat (Short Handle) 72 piece canister brush set. 25% Off
Dynasty C-400 Sapphire Student Watercolor Round  

Round (Short Handle) 72 piece canister brush set. 25% Off
Dynasty Palmer Brush  

A unique paddle handled brush that fits perfectly in your hand for hours of painting or glazing comfort. 25% Off
Kid Dynasty Stubby Brushes  

Available in Flat or Round packs of brushes. 25% Off
New Products for 2016FM Dynasty Brushes