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Large Studio Equipment / North Star / North Star Porta Roller

North Star Porta Roller

Over 4 ft long yet light weight and easy to carry.  Roller and Table Topper weigh less than 25 lbs each.  Carry the Table Topper sections in one hand and the roller in the other.  No Tools needed.  Great for demos and small studios.

Porta Roller Features:

  • w/2 TableToppers
  • Crank
  • Canvas - Two heavy duty canvas sheets included
  • Thickness infinitely variable from 0 to 2-3/4 inches.
  • No Clumsy Masonite shims or boards.
  • No chains, cables or cast iron gears to wear out or replace.
  • No assembly required.
  • Table tops are made from sturdy moisture resistant Medex.
  • Makes slabs as thin as 1/16" and up to 2 3/4".
  • Roll slabs up to 16" wide. The length of the slab is limited only by the space and canvas available.
  • Every part carefully designed and made for its intended purpose.  No off-the-shelf or inferior parts or material.
  • Slabs can be rolled in either direction and clay can be added or subtracted at any time.
  • Tapered slabs are quick, easy and precise.
  • Warping, curling and cracking are drastically reduced.

  • Shipping wt 58 lbs (30, 28 lb pkgs)
  • The roller is fully warranted for 5 years

18" Porta Roller Retrofit kit
Will convert any 18" NS slabroller made since Jan 1987 into a Porta-Roller. Includes only the table toppers.


Item Product SKU Name Size Price Qty Add
NSPR18 Porta Roller 18" - 501 Current production lead times from North Star are approximately 4 months  $940.99  Add
NS501TT Retrofit Kit  $240.99  Add
NSPRCAN Extra Canvas Set- 501CA2 Sheets, 18 $38.99  Add
Large Studio Equipment / North Star / North Star Porta Roller