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Large Studio Equipment / Debcor Ceramic Studio Furniture
Debcor Adjustable Work Tables  

For Classroom or Studio
Debcor Combination Damp & Dry Cabinet 9300  

Combination unit with damp cabinet and drying cabinet spaces.
Debcor Damp Cabinet - Large 9100  

Keep your ceramic works-in-process projects in workable condition.
Debcor Damp Cabinet - Small 9150  

Smaller version of the Large Damp Cabinet.
Debcor Drying Cabinet - Large 9200  

Designed to dry and store your greenware.
Debcor Drying Cabinet - Small Base Type 9250  

Smaller version of the Debcor Large Drying Cabinet
Debcor Mobile Heat Proof Kiln Carts  

Mobility and safety are the prime features of these kiln carts. Transfer projects to and from the kiln safely.
Debcor Portable Clay Storage Cart 9405  

Ideal for bulk clay storage.
Debcor Ware Truck 9605  

Provides easy mobility of your ceramic ware.
Debcor Wedging Board 9615  

Ideal for large amounts of wedging.

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Large Studio EquipmentDebcor Ceramic Studio Furniture