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Pottery Wheels / Brent / Brent Model 16 Adaptive Potter's Wheel

Brent Model 16 Adaptive Potter's Wheel


  • The Amaco No. 16 is the ideal wheel for use in any rehabilitation program.
  • It is a variable speed power wheel with a frame that was designed in coordination with leading rehabilitation and therapy experts.
  • The No. 16 wheel makes throwing on a wheel possible for persons who otherwise would not have the opportunity.
  • Possibilities include use with a wheel chair, a standard stool, or while standing up.
  • The No. 16 wheel can handle 150 lbs. of clay continuously.

Classic Controller features:

  • Optimal torque at all speeds -- wheel speed remains constant under varying loads for smooth feel and full control
  • Quiet operation -- filtered SCR technology is very quiet and does not cause interference on AM/FM radios
  • EZ-feel toggle switches -- on/off and forward/reverse switches are easy to locate. Forward/reverse switch has neutral safety position to assure somooth transitions when changing directions.
  • EZ-to-read indicator light -- protrudes from control box for viewing from potter's stool
  • Easy to service modular connections -- for motor and foot pedal aid in the unlikely event of repair or replacementAdditional features of the No. 16
  • Reversible electronic speed control -- assures maximum torque and smooth response

Additional features of the No. 16 include:

  • Handles 150 lbs. continuously
  • Adjustable -- a crank mechanism adjusts the height of the 12" cast aluminum throwing head from 21" to 35"
  • Mobile -- The No. 16 wheel fits through any 36" door and rolls into position easily on its hard rubber casters.
  • Stationary during throwing -- Four rubber feet raise the casters off the floor to hold wheel in place and level the wheel
  • Heavy-duty construction -- frame and table are all welded steel
  • Variable speeds -- Speeds from 0 to 240 rpm can be controlled by the hand lever/foot pedal which can be placed on the floor or clamped in position on the handy tray at the side of the table
  • Automatic Belt Tensioning -- keeps the 4-groove poly-v drive belt tight for maximum performance
  • Powerful -- A 1/2 hp, 5 amp motor allows the user to work with up to 150 lbs. of clay
  • Reversible -- Operates either clockwise or counterclockwise to accommodate both right and left handed throwers
  • FREE Splash pan
  • FREE 12" Plasti-bat
  • FREE "How to Throw on a Potter's Wheel DVD

shipping dimensions: 32.0 " x 47.75 " x 34.0 "
shipping weight: 287 lbs.

FOB Indianapolis, IN 46222

$70.00 in FREE Amaco glazes

with Model 16 Wheel purchase!

*rebate direct from Amaco website (click here)

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Pottery Wheels / Brent / Brent Model 16 Adaptive Potter's Wheel