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Pottery Wheels / Brent
Brent Curved Work Station  

Attaches to Brent B, C, CXC or EX potter's wheels
Brent Model CXC Potter's Wheel  

Sale Price $ 1440.75, plus $100 FREE Glaze. The CXC is a heavy-duty wheel for the serious potter whose work often includes large forms.
Brent Model C Potter's Wheel  

Sale Price $ 1355.75. $ 100 FREE Glaze. Ideal for art centers and classrooms, the Brent C wheel now has the NEW Brent Classic Controller!
Brent Model EX Potter's Wheel  

Sale Price $ 1525.75. $ 100 FREE Glaze. Ideal for large scale work, the Brent Model EX has a 1 1/2 hp motor to handle virtually any throwing project.
Brent Model B Potter's Wheel  

Sale Price $ 1313.25. $ 100 FREE Glaze with purchase. Upgraded power. Designed to fill the needs of school and studio potters.
Brent Model IE Potter's Wheel  

Sale Price $ 1015.75 With Splash Pan The Brent ie wheel can now be used as a floor model as well as as a tabletop model.
Brent Model ie-x Potter's Wheel  

Sale Price $ 1143.25. The Brent ie-x reversing wheel can now be used as a floor model as well as as a tabletop model.
Brent Work Table Sets  

Add versatility and convenience to your Brent® B, C, CXC or EX wheel.
Brent Kick Wheel Kit (Metal Parts)  

Build your own kick wheel. Includes 14" wheelhead
Brent Model 16 Rehabilitation Potter'sWheel  

Sale Price $ 2643.50. The ideal wheel for use in any rehabilitation program, the No. 16 wheel adjusts for use while standing or for use with a wheel chair.
Pottery WheelsBrent