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Pottery Wheels / Wheel Accessories
Brent Booties (Leg Extensions)  

Designed to assist tall potter's who throw sitting down
Brent Curved Work Station  

Attaches to Brent B, C, CXC or EX potter's wheels
Brent Quick Center Clay System  

The Brent QuickCenter System is "training wheels" for the centering process. Center up to 4 lbs. of clay in three easy steps.
Brent Splash Pan  

Splash Pan. A high density polyethylene molded pan which fits all Brent® wheels.
Continental Hydra-Lite Bats 1/2" thick  

1/2" thick Bats
Shimpo VL Whisper Extension Legs  

Raise your VL Whisper Wheel 35-37" Stand while you throw.
Continental "Original" Hydra Bats 3/4" thick  

Discover why so many potters love our water-absorbing bats
Brent Work Table Sets  

Add versatility and convenience to your Brent® B, C, CXC or EX wheel.
Speedball Bats  

Injection molded plastic bats. Won't warp or wear-out.
Amaco Plasti-Bat w/pin holes  

Plasti-Bat was designed by studio potters to be a versatile, long-lasting, high-quality bat.

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