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Molds & Moldmaking / Plaster & Rubber Mold Supplies
Amaco Flexwax  

Perfect for making molds from three dimensional objects by simply melting, brushing it on, and allowing to harden. Molds can be remelted and used again and again.
Amaco Sculpt-A-Mold  

A dry, white, non-toxic compound that combines the best features of clay, plaster and papier mache’.

For repairing plaster ceramic molds.

Mixes with water and the mold is ready in two minutes
Flexible Mold Rubber  

Brushable or Pourable
K-5 Densite Plaster  

K-60 Pottery Plaster  

Uses: slip casting molds, press molds, wedging surfaces
Latex Molding Compound  

High-solids latex rubber for brush-on build up of flexible rubber molds.
Mold Release Agent  

Aerosol spray.
Pure & Simple Quick Release Bat Mold  

Use the 2 part Quick Release system for fast and easy centering of your bat molds.

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Molds & MoldmakingPlaster & Rubber Mold Supplies